School Visits

Teachers, Lone Mountain will bring our programs to your school:

Native Americans - This program follows a similar format to the on-site visits. Using many animal mounts/skins and  artifacts from across the North American continent,  Farmer Dave will give an engaging presentation on Native American history and culture. Colorful art, music and dramatic storytelling will punctuate this multi-sensory experience.

Animal Adaptation - Farmer Dave will bring many of his animal mounts and years of outdoor experience to augment  your studies on animal habitat and adaptation. He has actively operated a working farm and wilderness camp for over twenty years, speaking on topics such as: Farm Life, Wildlife of North America, Animal Adaptation, Reintroduction of Elk in NC, Gold Mining/Panning, Stream studies and other related outdoor topics to many schools and groups in North Carolina.

Storytelling - If  your school is interested in Native American or other Early American Stories, Farmer Dave has many a tale that is sure to please. He has been captivating audiences with dramatic kid friendly stories that encourage young hearts and build strong moral lessons.

Prices for school visits will vary pending on particular program and travel. Call or Email for quotes.